Belize’s Great Blue Hole is it Actually Worth Scuba Diving

Belize’s Great Blue Hole is it Actually Worth Scuba Diving

This is a question that is continuously asked on the several dive message boards throughout the internet and the responses it gets is occasionally deceptive relying on the experience of the diver whom responds to.

This article is written to offer an impartial factual information resource based upon the reaction of numerous scuba divers that I have had the chance to speak with after diving heaven Opening.

Given that I was a dive driver in Belize for several years and enjoy the country, there will certainly be some visitors that claim, certainly I will certainly advertise the Blue Opening in a positive manner but the real fact is I personally believe for 90% of scuba divers it’s an excellent experience a fantastic dive and a great addition to diving Belize.

The Great Blue Hole of Belize is 1000ft throughout and 460ft deep and develops a practically ideal circle. It has been a favored fishing ground for Belizean fishermen for hundreds of years and in 1970 it was introduced to the public by Jacque Cousteau whom on his watercraft the Calypso charted heaven Opening for the very first time and highlighted its marvels in a TV documentary.

The Belize Blue Opening is one-of-a-kind in several ways, one being that it is the only Blue Hole in the world that could be seen with the naked eye from deep space.

It is a truth that hundreds of years ago heaven Opening was a cavern that was above water level, the reason we understand this is since Stalagtites and stalamites could not create underwater, and could just grow with the continuous drip drip that can be seen occurring to the stalagtites in several above ground caves systems today.

When you think about that it takes greater than 100 years for a Stalagtite to expand just one inch, its a spectacular sight to see a 40ft stalagtite that has actually taken essentially hundreds of years to reach that size.

The Stalagtites could be discovered in heaven Hole beginning at 100ft, hanging suspended from the ceiling some more than 40ft long.

The Blue Hole and the surrounding area has been marked a World Heritage site as a result of is individuality and is another among Belize’s many protected areas. (did you recognize that almost one third of the country of Belize is assigned as secured books).

Lots of people do not recognize it yet there are only 2 diveable places in heaven Hole, The north side which is the much more prominent side for the larger watercrafts, due to relatively easy access to that side, then their is the south side which generally just the smaller sized watercrafts can access as a result of wind direction and the fact that it needs to be dove from within the area of the opening itself.

Each has just about 300ft approximately of Stalagtites hanging down afterwards is just a level wall surface of generally absolutely nothing. On the North dive-site you just have Stalagtites (those that hang down) with only the abyss below you, on the South side it has both Stalagtites and Stalagmites which can be found at around 145ft where there is a tiny walk that has some Stalagmites, this is the side you are more probable to come across the resident Shark populace.

In lots of message board articles you will certainly read that some scuba divers see lots of sharks while other divers see none and there is a simple description for this.

I dove heaven Opening for greater than 12 years and while today the Blue Hole has a large populace of Caribbean Coral reef Sharks it will certainly depend on how you dive heaven hole and whom you dive it with whether you will see the resident sharks or otherwise.

Several years ago before this huge population came to be a close to day-to-day occurrence, we did on occasion see sharks in heaven Hole yet constantly on the South side, and nearly NEVER when we dove the North side which was 99% of the time, because as discussed the dimension of the boat we were using only allowed us to dive the south side when winds agreed with.

So why do some scuba divers see sharks and other do not? heres the scoop.

Almost all the boats that dive the Blue Hole from San Pedro see the sharks on many celebrations, and the reason for this is that they reach the Blue Opening FIRST prior to the Aggressors and various other large boats, resorts etc that are located in the location. (make a mental note below that normally its the really seasoned scuba divers that normally schedule the liveaboards and remain at the remote Atoll hotels since that is where the best diving in Belize can typically be found).

Being the very first to dive the Blue Opening manages them better presence because the initial group to dive heaven Hole gets the best vis, the reason for this is, as you descend it triggers the silt to remove as the bubbles rise and releases the silt causing presence to become minimized. (these days due to the a great deal of boats and divers visibility is almost always fairly poor compared to the other wonderful dives at Lighthouse Reef).

When you think about that San Pedro sends lots of watercrafts a day to heaven Opening you could understand why those that dive it later on in the morning under the pretext (Allows wait till the san pedro watercrafts leave so its much less active) dive a site that has actually had probably 50 divers through it currently before they obtain the opportunity to dive it.

This places them at an unique disadvantage as to the quality of the dive specifically in the area of visibility considering that 40-50 scuba divers and there bubbles will reduce exposure by up to 50% sometimes, additionally there are the Sharks.

The Sharks will certainly in some cases follow you throughout the dive yet are generally used at the end of the dive considering that you have an extensive safety stop of 10 minutes or so and while suffering that time on the sandy ledge located at 15ft you are ringinged and captivated by as much as 30 Caribbean Coral Reef Sharks.( Not Assured).

The sharks are caused to come to the surface area by baiting the water with sardines this will bring them to the surface from the midsts of heaven Hole and offer the scuba diver the opportunity to watch these wonderful animals during the safety stop.

The liveaboards do not bait the water nor the local hotels and if this is refrained the possibility of seeing any kind of sharks is minimized by 90% so you could clearly see that a lot of divers that dive the Blue Opening from a liveabord or an Atoll resort will have a far inferior dive as a result of these factors.

Baiting is currently not permitted however some drivers still do it to try and get the sharks up from the midsts.

On top of that it is usually the very skilled divers that are typically the ones that are on the liveaboards due to the fact that this normally affords them the most effective diving possibilities in Belize which is absolutely right with the EXCEPTION of the Blue Hole dive based on how they are currently running that dive.

For many years a duplicated inquiry is uploaded on the different scuba diver message boards Is heaven Opening Well worth diving? and you will see the same answers over and over again from don’t bother its a wild-goose chase to its a great dive well worth it and every little thing in between.

Why exists such a vast difference in individuals opinions, my response is that most regulars on message boards, that is those that publish a minimum of once a week etc are typically extremely active divers and have great deals of experience and have had the opportunity to dive numerous areas all over the world and offer there guidance openly to others.

This however could do an injustice to a rather new scuba diver that discovers a message board and asks the question is heaven Hole worth diving??

A lot of the solutions I have actually seen on message boards are unfavorable when asking this question, mostly I think due to the fact that its an extremely knowledgeable scuba diver that maybe has 1000’s of dives under his belt when he dove the Blue Hole it was possibly from a liveaboard after a number of other scuba divers had actually dove it and due to his worldly experience he was much less compared to impressed with the Blue Opening, so he makes his experience heard to this fairly new diver that has only dove cozumel since certification and has 20 dives under his belt, he of course thinks this expert scuba diver understands exactly just what he is speaking about so decided NOT to dive heaven Opening due to just what he has been informed.

When this rather brand-new diver reaches Belize and is asked do you wish to dive the Blue Hole I get the response OHH no I have actually heard its not that good i then I ask who informed you that, and I obtain an answer of I read it on a message board, or my good friend came to Belize and he told me, so I ask did he dive heaven Opening while he was below then?? and custom corn hole boards obtain an answer Oh no but he had heard it was ineffective either so did not dive it when he was in Belize. I hear this moment after repeatedly.

I after that describe heaven Opening journey and ideally I had some guests inhouse that have just returned and afterwards I do not need to claim a thing they will certainly sell them a trip for me yet if I do not have scuba divers inhouse then I will certainly tell them regarding the trip and urge them to go and I normally include that if they don’t think it deserved it I will certainly refund there money, needless to say to this date I have never refunded anyones cash generally they are incredibly satisfied that I spoke them into it and let them make there own mind up and I more than happy to break the cycle of the OH No I heard it was not worth it mode.

Why do I do this if I made even more money maintaining them inhouse? the reason is that I am the initial to state that Belize has various locations to dive and each unique in just what it has to supply, based on what a details diver is looking for in a getaway (that’s one more Belize write-up to follow soon) I want the checking out diver to return with a favorable perception of diving Belize and anything I can do to increase there enjoyment of diving Belize after that I will do that. Heaven Opening is an one-of-a-kind dive that if dove correctly can be a superb addition to any kind of scuba divers logbook it will certainly be much less excellent to those scuba divers with thousands of dives under there belt yet the other 95% of scuba divers will really enjoy the dive and see it as a favorable VARIOUS pleasurable dive.

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